Nizume Shirou is the joint main protagonist character of the upcoming anime, Zanaga, along with his twin brother, Nizume Lero. When he was a child, his tribe, Raihono , was attacked by a group of immensely powerful warriors. He managed to escape the attack with his brother and has since then been training to protect his brother and friends.


Shirou's main Nakeno Ability is Elemental Fire. He is more of a mid-range fighter with impressive strength and skill. A gifted descendant of the Raihono tribe, he supposedly inherited his powers from the Fire part of the Raihono. At the start of the series, Shirou is shown to have learnt to control his powers to a reasonable extent and can use his powers for teamwork with his twin, Lero.


Shirou can often be viewed as an over protective brother. He acts like a more mature, older brother, even though he is the younger one of the twins.