Nizume Lero is the joint main protagonist character of the upcoming series, Zanaga, along with his twin brother, Nizume Shirou. While he was a child, his clan, Raihono , was raided by a group of immensely powerful warrriors. He managed to escape the attack with his brother and has since then been training to protect what he has left - his brother and friends.


Lero's main Nakeno Ability is Elemental Lightning which he supposedly inherited from the Lighting part of the Raihono. At the start of the series, he cannot properly control his powers and is more interested in hand-to-hand combat which he finds easier. He is a gifted close combat fighter. He has admirable speed which helps his combat style.


Lero has a friendly, warm and welcoming personality and loves helping others. He seeks power in order to protect his friends and family.